Clive Vosper

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Photography, Drawing and Printmaking.

Photography is currently my medium of choice and I try to look beyond the “view” and make images that express a more personal interpretation of a place or subject.

Recent examples are from a series of abstract Colour and Monochrome photographs exploring the concepts of Liminal Space and the Japanese concept of “Ma”.Examples of this work can also be found at Foss Fine Art, London, as well as on their website.

The printmaking gallery images are all original prints hand printed with oil based inks on handmade paper.

The sample drawings are, either made using an ipad, or, mixed media on hand made paper.

The Photographic gallery images are all digital, developed in Adobe Lightroom and are printed on archival fiber based paper using Ultrachrome pigment inks.

Drawings (Folder)
Photography (Folder)
Printmaking (Folder)

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